The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts

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JEEzusMARYandJoseph... it's amazing how many food products are either contaminated with various nasties or have undeclared nuts, milk protein, sulphites, wheat or other things that people can be allergic to.

I subscribe to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts mailing list. I get the alerts and recalls by e-mail. Most of it doesn't apply to me because I don't have many food allergies. There's an average of 10 alerts a month... which, I suppose, is not a big deal considering there are a bazillion different products being sold everywhere.

This March was particularly bad. There was a warning for glass bits in Taster's Choice instant coffee, salmonella contamination in ground beef this summer and it sounds like no one declares nut contents anymore.



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