The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Mozilla 1.1

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Bunch of doody-heads.

The release notes say:

  • The tab bar now has a button for creating new tabs.

    Liars. There is no button. Unless I don't know what a button looks like. What they do have is a menu item for "New Tab" when you right-click on the tab bar, but I thought that was always there...

    They also switched the "Open in New Tab" and "Open in New Window" options in the hyperlink right-click pop-up menu. "Open in New Tab" used to be the first one. So, I've been Pavlov'ed into picking the first one. *ungh*

    Well, at least they fixed the stupid Bookmark crap. In 1.0, when I moved a bookmark by dragging it into place, it somehow popped into one spot above the one I wanted. And there were various other strange things with bookmarks.

    There's drag'n'drop support now. I can drag an image from the browser to my graphics app. =)


    The Pinball theme I was using had the tab bar hardcoded, so there was no button until I uninstalled and re-installed the theme. The Modern them has it though. I think CTRL-T to create a new tab is easier anyway.

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