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End-of-Project Dinner — Kettle of Fish

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We ended up going to Kettle of Fish for our End-of-Project dinner.

The review up there says it's underrated and/or overlooked. I can totally see that. It looks very plain from the outside, just a rectangular shoebox shaped building the top of which is painted dark solid green with the giant lettering on it.

But it's beautiful inside. It feels like a mix between "home" and "arboretum". You distinctly get the feeling that it was converted from a private residence. There are trees and vines everywhere. The ceilings are all glass. The whole place looks gigantic compared to the "inky-dinky" impression you get from the outside.

It would be an absolutely gorgeous place for a wedding reception. Although, it only seats 150 comfortably.

The food... well, food is lost on me anyway, but I enjoyed the Pacific Halibut that I got. Everyone else enjoyed their food too. A bunch of people got The Kettle Fish Soup which is a tomato soup with the mussels, various fish and a dungeness crab leg in it.

The service was really good, they did fumble, but they handled it well and we were in a good mood. =) Tangent: I heard that the service at Joe Forté's is reprehensibly bad. Everything from catty, ice-queen hostesses to waiters that are brusque at best.

I had a ¼ glass of white wine for toasting. I also had a glass of water thrown at me early on in the evening. Most of it landed on the table though, only one or two drops had the audacity to actually tackle me.

It was interesting though that the only parents in the group were men (3 out of the 6 of us). And they were the ones who started talking about all aspects of children. One of them was the Dev Lead, A. It's nice to see that A is physically capable of conversing about topics other than work - the secret is to get him talking about his children. He and I were on the PDF project that ended in March. At _that_ End-of-Project dinner, he couldn't stop talking about the PDF project, all through dinner. We kept telling him to "let it go" and joked about getting the company to pay for his counselling sessions.

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