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Husband Guy's Latest Game

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Well, I can finally say what Husband Guy made =) It's Matchbox's Cross Town Heros. This one didn't have nearly the marketing hype that the DragonballZ game did.

For the new friends, Husband Guy is a Software Development Lead at a small company that does kids' software games for publishers such as (the former) Hasbro Interactive, Disney, NewKidCo, Infogrames, Matchbox and others. They do PC, Mac, GameBoy and GameBoy Advance titles. And I think they just got a full 3D title.

Husband Guy and his crew actually write the software for the games. But his name is near the end, usually sharing real estate with the copyright message. The first 10 screens of names you see are of people who either A) were not involved with the project at all; B) did nothing; or C) caused endless problems for Husband Guy and his crew (artists are included in this category).

Husband Guy also did Chutes and Ladders, Tonka Construction II, Doug's Big Game, and of course, the DragonballZ Collectable Customizable Card Game for the GBA.

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