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Went to dinner with Buddy-Girl-K yesterday. We went to Zefferelli's Restaurant (1136 Robson Street; right on top of the Cactus Club Café). This place has NO web presence, not even a review on the MyBC Dining pages (although, it got 3½ stars out of 4 and is labelled "Expensive"). Googling for it gets you Zefferelli's Restaurant in Sterling, Virginia that some Senior's group went to a few years ago. The Zefferelli's in Vancouver, BC is quite a bit nicer than the Virginia one.

Anyway, I was running slightly late and when I went to feed my meter, I didn't have coinage. I went into the nearest store, Stone Ridge (shoe store) and asked for change. *snobby attitude* "No, we don't give change, you'll have to buy something."... and promptly walked away before I could finish my sentence, "okay, let's see what you have...". Hello? I have a $20 in my hand and a bunch more in my wallet. What makes you think I'd raid your cash register with 6-7 other customers in the store?

So, I went next door to Lush to see if I could be lame and get a single small bath bomb or something. I walked up to the cash register and said, "Hi, I'm looking for something small-ish so I can get change for the parking meter". Girlie behind the till says, "oh, that's no problem, I can give you change... whuddya need? A $10, $5 and change? Thanks for thinking of buying something though *giggle*". =) I appreciated that and told her so.

Right. Zefferelli's. =) It's on the second floor above the Cactus Club, but you really can't see anything because there's a big wooden ledge right at eye level that obstructs almost everything and especially your view of Robson Street. Otherwise, it would be interesting to watch people from up high. =P

I had an artichoke argonatti(? it's a ravioli thing...) and Buddy-Girl-K had the salmon special. We also split a Strawberry Sorbetto. It is fairly pricy at $15-25-some per entrée, but it was pretty good food.

I had a beef about the teapot (yes, other people judge restaurants by quality of food, but I judge restaurants by their choice of teapots). The handle was way too small. I couldn't get my fingers into the loop without burning my knuckles on the hot teapot. And I have tiny hands. My wedding ring set is a size 4 and it's a bit loose!

It's always nice to catch up with Buddy-Girl-K. We've both been slacking on the converso lately. So, it was a good time =)

Buddy-Girl-K also lent me Hedwig and the Angry Inch on DVD. I suspect it's not my cuppa, but I've heard it mentioned so I'm curious now.

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