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Black Hawk Down & Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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Wow, I was so tired today that I had a cup of coffee. I almost never drink anything with caffeine anymore.

I saw Black Hawk Down last night. This was interesting because when I was in the middle of watching it, I thought it was Lameness Overwhelming.

I thought soldiers had their questioning attitudes trained out of them from Day 1 at bootcamp. When you're in a combat situation, you do what you're told, there is no questioning authority. If everyone has an opinion, you're all fucked.

So when the one guy says to his teamlead: "how come I gotta stay back?", I had my "WTF?" face on. And is it really a wise idea to turn your back on anything that's holding a gun and can kill you, even if it's a 10yo boy who is griefstriken at having put 90 rounds in his own father?

There were other things like this that made me shreik "WHAT?!?!" along the way as well.

Afterwards, when I thought about it, I realized that it was was supposed to show that the whole mission was Lameness Overwhelming. So, I submit that it was an okay movie. But what is it with Ridley Scott and his need for moaning dirges in the soundtracks of his movies? I swear it's the same moaning dirge from Gladiator, set to slightly different music.

Didn't like "Hedwig" one bit. Didn't finish watching it. Couldn't be bothered. I got all the way up to the "Angry Inch" song before I decided that I couldna take no more. Nothing personal to anyone who did like it and not to disappoint anyone who said, "Oh, you'll like it", but I kinda knew it was not my cuppa. Anyway, my cactus' name (which is how this Hedwig thing all started) is Neville =)

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