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weather: cloudy
outside: 20°C
mood: tired

  • First of all, your name: The Bride.

  • What's your sign: [Chinese] Wood Tiger; [Western] Sun in Scorpio; Moon in Aries; Ascendant in Leo; Sun in the Fourth House - I am a dangerous woman =)

  • Male or female: female.

  • When is your birthday: 10-29.

  • Where do you live: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Where were you born: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

  • Colleges or schools you attended: William Christopher MacDonald Elementary (K-2); George M. Weir Elementary (3-7); Killarney Secondary (8); Eric Hamber Secondary (9-12); University of British Columbia (Bachelor of Science, Computer Science).

  • Jobs you've had: volleyball referee; ice cream scooper/cake writer/cashier; front desk attendant; lab assistant; junior webmaster; tech support; event coordinator; software engineer.

  • Favorite province: BC (the only other province I've been to is Alberta...).

  • Favorite cities: Vancouver, Shanghai... I don't travel much.

  • Favorite colors: black, white, burgundy, earth tones (not all at once though).

  • Boyfriend/girlfriend: married.

  • How many phones do you have: 2 home; 1 work; 1 cell.

  • How many TVs do you have: technically, none of them are mine, but I have a choice of 2 TVs I can use.

  • Best fragrance guy/girl wears: not into fragrances, just clean would be good.

  • What song is on now: no song.

  • Last cd you listened to: Ben Heppner, Airs Français.

  • Last TV show you watched: Fact or Fiction w/ Jonathon Frakes... you have no idea how very glad I am to not have to say "American Idol" because I caught the last half hour of the finale.

  • Last thing you ate: soup crackers... I've been munching.

  • Most recent purchase: various toiletry supplies.

  • Last movie you watched: Black Hawk Down.

  • Book you read/are reading: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Are you talking to anyone: nope.

  • Who all is online: nicosian, xinit, sedition, Buddy-Girl-K, My Favorite Mike, among others.

  • How many phone lines do you have: 1 home, 1 work, ADSL at work and cable at home.

  • Have you ever been kissed: yes, regularly.

  • Any religious affiliation: no, I'm spiritual and that's more important.

  • Favorite kind of drink: Green Apple Bubbletea; various juices w/ Sprite.

  • What size shoes do you wear: 6½.

  • What's your favorite kind of shoe: non-descript black shoes w/ a 3" heel.

  • Do you like thongs: absolutely not.

  • A part of you that frequently aches: ...

  • Who was the last person to call you: my Dad.

  • Favorite girls names: Ba'el, Étana, although I'm not sure if I'd use these for my Hypothetical Future Child. I would dearly love to use , but I can't seem to find another character that goes well with it.

  • What about the boys: Alexei, Dmitri (ditto the comment above).

  • Where do you go for good fast food: Curry Express @ Lansdowne; Mall Food Courts.

  • Are you ticklish? if so where: in the right mood, yes. Just about everywhere.

  • Favorite computer game: Bounce Out; Collapse; Graffiti...

  • Things nearest to you: chair, computer, phone, desk.

  • Elements in your most recent recollected dream: ...

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