The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Aaaahhhh, New Music

weather: clear
outside: 16°C
mood: happy
music: Bryn Terfel - Bugail Aberdyfi

I was a bit upset today because I couldn't find any Angela Hewitt *harumph*. But I did find some Cecilia Bartoli and some Bryn Terfel.

I have to try very hard not to call BT, "Papageno" because that's the only thing I see in my mind when I hear his voice. =)

I'm still unsure of CB. Her voice is a bit flat compared to Kiri Te Kanawa in the arias that I've heard so far. But, I really like her La Pastorella (Schubert) though.

I really want to find some Magda Olivero, at the different stages of her career and voice (the "slender, shiny, young girl" tone as opposed to the "large, dark, mature woman" tone). I probably won't be able to hear the difference, lacking the training and all, but just for kicks.

I really want to find out who did the Queen of the Night Aria in the Die Zauberflote recording that I have. "Holy shit" is about the only thing I can say about that =}

Tags: classical music

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