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Snow-White Fu

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Well, it's about time we got to botch up one of Disney's stories.

Although, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was originally a Brother's Grimm fairy tale and Disney botched it first. =\

[Update - 1758h]

I was told that there is a very similar poem by the famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, called "The Story of a Princess and Seven Knights" (Heros? Warriors? Dudes? Whatever "bogatyr" translates to).

1799-1837: Alexander Pushkin (he was killed in a duel in St. Petersburg by Duke Dantes, the son of the Scandinavian Ambassador, to defend the honour of his fascinating wife, Natalie Goncharova).

1785-1863: Jakob Grimm
1786-1859: Wilhelm Grimm

It's hard to tell who wrote what first...

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