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Wow, I haven't written in a while. I've been hanging around.

Germs are under control for the time being. Work is going smoothly. I worked the booth at the SFU Tech2002 Career Fair yesterday. I'm so much more impressed with the SFU kids - there were even a few that I liked so much that I recommended that we interview and maybe make an offer to. There were less of the "tell me what your company is all about" questions and more engaging questions. The SFU students didn't whine about our Challenge Questions being "too long" or "too hard" like the ones at UBC. *BOGGLE*, you're making a great impression to a potential employer, moron... At UBC, there's a bigger spread of student quality. The good ones can be really brilliant, but the idiots are real pieces of work.

And, honestly, I saw the beginnings of this when I was still an undergrad at UBC as well. I knew back then as a student org. executive that the Computer Science undergrads were a tough crowd. I'm not the only one - my Maid of Honour was an undergrad in CS as well back then. I remember she mentioned this a lot to me and to other people. It's just disheartening that it's my own Alma Mater, my own department, a very pivotal part of my life and not only having to be disappointed at the students' behaviour, past and present, but to have to agree with my colleagues that, yes, there were an awful lot of whiners at the UBC Career Fair.

MIL Woman is out of town (she has been since near the end of September and won't be back until early November). *shrug* No biggie.

The Wife Thing® isn't as scary as I thought, even for a totally Kitchen Challenged®, Food Impaired® and Generally Housely Retarded® one like myself. It is hard to cook for only two people though. Even so, I wouldn't want to cook for anyone else except Husband Guy. Both of us are fine with whatever we make, as long as it's edible. But I'm sure I'd get negative points on presentation.

We've been doing pretty well though. We usually finish everything that was made for dinner and we get fresh food almost every evening. I've been doing more vegetable dishes than meat and using less oil, less salt than MIL Woman and no MSG.

Guai-Guai has been okay. Still the troll brat that he is. We thought he might have mites again and brought him back to Dr. Dhillon, his vet. He rooted around Guai-Guai's tummy and wings, but didn't see any on him. We got some Ivomec again, but Husband Guy says to wait a bit and see if we can actually see any mites on the troll first.

I did some stuff for the weddingplans community. The community maintainership gets handed off to a new bride-to-be when the maintainer gets married. incognita is the new maintainer and is all gung-ho about doing community improvements, so I've been helping out. It's such a high when things get done. =)

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