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Just the Two of Us

weather: cloudy
outside: 13°C
mood: happy

For the first time ever, we have the house to ourselves. Everyone is either out of town or practically not here. I miss having juky and piyomomo around though, they're fun kids. But, other than that, I'm really enjoying the alone time I have with Husband Guy. I've always known that it would be better living alone with him without his family. But that's my lot in life.

We finally get to use the family room now. We can watch TV together. This is why I want a house of our own. It's exactly like juky and piyomomo's badminton court situation. It's not about the money, you just don't get to use things when you want, when you're sharing with a whole bunch of other people.

Tonight, we made a simple dinner and watched a few episodes of CSI. I really like the show. The drama part is kinda campy, but the cases are very interesting and they're kinda like Arthur Conan Doyle type stories, which I really really like. I like it when they're working on 3 cases at a time. I get to see more that way. I also really like TLC's Medical Detectives.


Oct. 7th, 2002 01:30 am (UTC)
living with in-laws (or own parents)...
isn't a bad concept. but in my opinion, these are what one would lack in freedom if he/she lives with their in-laws...

1) having dinner whenever you want
2) having whatever you want for dinner (i'd rather cook for myself than not being able to choose what to eat each night)
3) minor decisions in the house (that depends on who owns the house)
4) being able to relax anywhere you want
5) bringing friends home once in awhile
and more...

regardless of what kind of family i'll marry into, i would feel uncomfortable to live with in-laws because i feel that i lack freedom in some aspects of my life. And because in-laws are elders, you have to respect them and can't say things like "No, you can't sit here because i'm reading a book here." Well, you could, i suppose.. =P hehe...

personally, i'd rather save and then spend on our own place just to have the freedom. that's just part of life to me, spending private time with my hubby while we're still young (like 30s...) blah blah blah...
Oct. 7th, 2002 09:15 am (UTC)
Re: living with in-laws (or own parents)...
Yeah, there's a very good reason that caucasian kids move out at 18. Family is best in small doses.
Oct. 9th, 2002 10:51 am (UTC)
Re: living with in-laws (or own parents)...
Amen, Sister. Preach it.

Oh, sorry, I think my southern side just escaped. Lemme go stuff it back into its box at the back of my non-existent garage. *stuff stuff stuff*

Ahem, now then. "That's very true. Family is a lovely thing, but a little of them goes a very long way." There. That's much more articulate.

And I like CSI too. :) Sarah's my favorite character.


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