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Word of the Day - "gymkhana"

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gymkhana \jim-KAH-nuh or jim-KAN-uh\ noun
     : a meet featuring sports contests; especially
     : a contest of automobile-driving skills

Sample Usage:
     "Steven easily won the gymkhana, steering his car through the tricky course in record time without so much as brushing a single cone".

Did you know?
     Both the word "gymhkhana" and the event it describes originated in 19th-century India. The word is probably an alteration of the Hindi "gedkhana," which describes a ball-playing area similar to a racket ball court. Early gymkhanas were displays of athletics and equestrian skill, but 20th-century varieties usually test car handling. They are often held in parking lots, and contestants race over tight, twisting courses marked with cones or pylons.

Wow, I didn't know there was a specific word for car obstacle race things. =)

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