The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

To Do List:

6-12 months

  • finalize guest list
  • restaurant
  • church
  • date
  • engagement photo sitting
    • decide if we're doing it in Taiwan or Vancouver
  • while we're in Taiwan
    • qi pao (the one I have is nice, but it isn't perfect)
    • engagement photos
    • autograph cloth
4-6 months
  • gift registry
  • banquet seating arrangement - tell people ahead of time what table they will be sitting at and mention some of the people around them
  • invitations
    • bakery coupon things
    • RSVPs
  • thank you notes
1-2 months
  • rings
  • flowers
  • limo service
  • tea ceremony food - dim sum platters from Victoria & 41st place
  • music
    • our own CD's
    • DJ
    • equipment
  • photography - Mabel has a contact for Image Photography who did her sister's wedding
  • videography
    • Sayson does really nice videography, but his work doesn't vary much from project to project. If we go with Sayson, ask if he'll let us do some things differently

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