The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Talked to Gwen

I talked to Gwen this afternoon. I'll be meeting with her next Tuesday. We're pretty much on par. There's not much that I foresee as a huge conflict. I'm responsible for my decorations, she doesn't have a whole lot of fusspot things that I can't do, masking tape is fine for sticking pew bows, there's not much glass that I can ruin, they can put my Unity Candle in the freezer overnight to reduce the smoke and drip (which I thought was the coolest idea).

I asked about the red carpet and she was fine with that. I'll be meeting with her sometime Tuesday to see how long/wide the centre aisle is. A 3'x25' red carpet is approximately $45 to rent. But, there's also a big chunk of carpet near the alter that I'd have to cover too. So, I may or may not do it afterall.

I also want to see approximately how long it would take me to walk down the aisle too. I hope it'll be 1 min. 20 or so.

She also had rave reviews for Roy Campbell. I'm just skittish because the Organist for Elaine's wedding kept making mistakes. But, I heard Roy play on Sunday as well and I do think he has a lot of talent.

We'll see what comes out of Thursday's meeting with him. =)


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