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I just won my company's biweekly Movie Raffle (for the 9 zillionth time, I love my company) and I noticed that it was an AirMiles "Famous Night Out" package. =D

So, I hop over to the AirMiles site to check it out. I've been really pissy with AirMiles because of the lame 2-for-1 coupons that I can only use every second blue moon where the result of the Julian Date modular 7, is greater than or equal to the definite integral from 0 to pi of Schroedinger's Equation for the probability of finding an electron around an atom's nucleus, with respect to x, multiplied by a sinusoid function.

"Not very often" is a huge understatement.

They do have the same "Famous Night Out" deal. But, doing the comparison, my Visa Classic II is still a better deal. Check it, for one "Famous Night Out" certificate:

 BMO MasterCard w/
AirMiles Reward Option
Royal Bank Visa Classic II
Annual Fee$00.00 to get 1 pt/$40$15.00 (1 pt per dollar)
$35.00 to get 1 pt/$20
Point Cost175 pts.2500 pts.
I need to spend$3500.00*$2500.00
* Assuming 1 point per $20.00.

Not that I'm a huge movie-goer, it's just that there's nothing else in the reward catalogues that I want. So, movies are the only thing I look at =)

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