The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

*unenthusiastic* Wee. =|

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I just finished a monstrous source code merge. 800 Megs, 7700 files. Resolving merge conflicts is probably the most draining task ever.

It literally takes all day (8+ hours) to merge - if I make a mistake somewhere in the middle, it'll take me two working days to finish. To merge any more frequently than once a week would mean having one person be a Full Time Merge Donkey. They don't pay us enough to do that.

The client is also split into two teams, one in Ottawa, ON (3 hours ahead of us) and one in Dallas, TX (1 hour ahead). So, including us, all three teams are doing parallel development and we touch the same areas of code.

For the non-technical folks, you DON'T EVER DO THIS unless you are severely possessed. By a kumquat.

Today is legally the last day of the contract. I'll still be doing documentation until November 15th. *sigh*


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