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Money Confusion

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Y'know what confuses me?

I keep a very good record of my spending. My personal bookkeeping system is something of a cashflow analysis. I review every single expense I make and categorize it (the only time I don't is if I get reimbursed). I total up each category and calculate the percentage of my net income. I could do a pie chart, but I like looking at numbers better.

I'm taking everything into account - cash purchases, credit card, debit card, cheques, service charges, auto-transfers, I don't do auto-payments because I feel that I need to actually see the billing amounts myself and actually pay it myself.

It's all fine and dandy. It's helped me immensely in seeing where I need to cut back, I'm happy with my saving progress and everything.


Every month, my total expenses is greater than my two paycheques. Which is not a good thing and I'm workin' on it...

And yet, my main bank account balance keeps increasing. It goes up and down with the pay cycles, but in general, it's slowly creeping upwards...

I must be doing something wrong, counting expenses twice or something. In the last two years that I've started scrutinizing my spending like this, I haven't figured it out. My biggest suspicion is that it's something to do with the credit card, but I'm not sure what. I treat the credit card expenses very carefully because it's easy to double count stuff there. I count the expense at the time of bill payment only. Not at transaction time. It should be okay as long as I'm only counting it in one place, not both.

I guess it's not a problem per se that the bank account keeps increasing. I'm just afraid that there's something huge that I've forgotten and I'll suddenly discover that I don't have enough to cover it. =P

I don't like personal financial software because I can't always see the calculations they're making. At least with Excel, it's my numbers, my formulae, my functions.

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