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This stupid project, that is annoying everyone to all hell, needs to end. November 15th is target date for the Truly-Honest-to-Goodness end of the project. October 31 was the legal contract end date, but we're doing the goodwill unbilled extension for them until November 15.

At yesterday's conference call, they started talking about what we're doing next week... we all look at the Project Lead with big bulging panic eyes to see him with big bulging panic eyes looking at the phone, waving both arms from side to side and mouthing "NONONONONONO!!!" =D

We are SO NOT doing any more work for them next week. This is it. They're on their own next week. We're having our Ship-It Dinner and getting our project markers and THAT'S THAT.

I was kinda wiped yesterday because I didn't sleep well Monday night and I had to get up early for work. So, last night, I thought I'd take a Gravol to fall asleep at a sane hour (like sometime before 0400h would be good). I don't do this all the time, just once in a long while when I think I need it.

I had a rip-roaring terrorist nightmare... yeah, that'll learn me to artificially conk =P A group of terrorists had taken over about a block of residences along 49th Ave. and Oak St. (Vancouver, BC). They were lobbing grenades, pipe bombs and burning torch sticks at the rush hour traffic going through that intersection. It was on the news and everything. Somehow, I heard that one of my Aunts got dragged out of her car and beaten. I didn't get the impression that it was all that serious because I phoned her, in my dream, and we exchanged the perfunctory initial greeting and smalltalk before I very calmly asked how she was doing.

I soaked the top of my jammy-shirt sweating. And I'm still tired. =P

Tags: dreamscape

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