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Word of the Day - "widow's cruse"

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widow's cruse \WIH-dohz-KROOZ or WIH-dohz-KROOSS\ noun
     : an inexhaustible supply

Sample Usage:
     "It often seemed to Connie that her sons thought of the refrigerator as a widow's cruse of food that would magically restock itself every week."

     A cruse is a small metal hanging lamp, such as the one featured in the biblical tale of Elijah (1 Kings 17:8-16 - King James Version). In that story, the prophet was sent to a poor widow who had little food and only a single cruse for light. He asked her to share her food and light with him; she did, and was rewarded with an ever-burning lamp and an inexhaustible food supply. The term "widow's cruse" recalls the bountiful outcome of that tale.

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