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Giving Dog Food to Strangers

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We got a Purina Beneful sample in the mail. We don't have a dog, we just have Guai-Guai, a tone deaf, psychotic little cockatiel that smells like a cardboard box.

I took the package of dry dog food to work to see if anyone at work had a small to medium sized dog who could use it. No one. Only one co-worker guy who joked about taking it and eating it for breakfast cereal himself... eeew. >K{

So, anyway, I still had this package. Well, I work in the Yaletown district of Downtown Vancouver. The place is just oozing with yuppies and their dogs. =) I waited until after work so that there would be less people around... y'know, that way, I wouldn't get all Seinfeld about picking one person over another (did I pick him because he's a guy? did I pick her because she's black? what do I have against pugs and bulldogs? etc., etc.).

I walk out of my office to wait for Husband Guy so we can drive home together. I see a guy with a chocolate brown basset hound puppy - perfect! He's talking to his friends. I walk over. As I'm approaching, they start taking pictures of each other. That's fine, I wait politely a little ways away, so as not to get in the way of the pictures. I'm pretty sure he saw me waiting like I want to talk to him. Then they finish with their photo op, he just turns his back on me and walks away quickly.

Umm... oooookay.

So, alright, whatever. I hung around looking for someone else walking a dog. It's late in the evening so it's not as busy with dog walkers anymore. But that's okay, I see a blond guy walking a ...Lhasa Apso? ... it would have been a pretty big Lhasa Apso, though ... a mixed Terrier? I'm not sure.

I walked up to him and just said, "Hi, I got this in the mail, but I don't have a dog, so I was wondering if maybe you could use this..." He looks at it, smiles and says, "Oh wow, yes, I think we can use it, thank you! Look at this, Josephine... say thank you, Josphine..." But she was fixated on another dog down the street, so we just laughed at her. He thanked me over and over and finally went on his way.

Meanwhile, Snooty Guy®, who is still around (so I know he was avoiding me) is almost visibly agape which amuses me. I just smile at him (think, "don't YOU feel like a complete knob-and-a-half?!") and walk off with Husband Guy who had arrived at the corner of the street. =D

And I just realized that I'd completely forgotten that green_paper has a dog, otherwise, I would have sent it along with Husband Guy to badminton tonight... Sorry, green_paper =P

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