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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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To the parents of the three boys who were loudly yammering right into the back of my head, who kept getting hushed by me and everyone around me, at the 3:15pm showing of Harry Potter in Cinema 1, at the Silver City Riverport in Richmond, BC:

We know you both were sitting close by and you are SO lucky everyone didn't beat the living shit out of you in the theatre for not making your sons SHUT THE FUCK UP during movies. It may be fine for them to do this at home, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they don't do that in the theatres.

Either buy a fucking clue or don't spawn. Thank you.


The Bride of the First House.

Advice to everyone who hasn't seen it yet (yeah, all three of you under that rock in the thickest part of the forest): go on a Monday matinée or some other Children Unfriendly time.

I thought CoS was really choppy. They cut things out everywhere and it was still almost 3 hours long. I think it might be worth their while to make two 1¾-2 hour movies out of each book and get in some details like why Hermione just gave Ron an awkward handshake at the end instead of giving him big a hug.

The time Harry spent at the Weasley's house wasn't developed enough.

Gilderoy Lockhart was portrayed as an idiot, but wasn't nearly as developed as he was supposed to be. The blue pixies were just one incident in a long string of blunders in that class.

Harry's reputation as the rumoured Heir of Slytherin and the contempt for him within the school, especially in the Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses, wasn't nearly as well brought out. There were so many things that Harry was supposed to do that makes everyone suspicious of him. Not just revealing that he was a Parselmouth.

Snape barely got any Potter Vendetta time in... and Snape's Potter Vendetta is IMPORTANT. Or at least it feels like it's important to me. Part of it is the foreshadowing and implications of Snape's relationship with Lily and James Potter that was hinted at in Prisoner of Azkaban. Part of it is my speculation about what will be revealed in Order of the Pheonix. But I believe there's a reason Snape treats Harry, Ron and Hermione the way he does and it was not shown much in the CoS movie.

Tom Riddle had a lot more background in the book. I don't know how significant it will be to the rest of the series, but I think it's noteworthy that Voldemort himself is a half-blood - half Muggle, half Wizard. And his Wizard half comes from his mother's side; his middle name "Marvolo" is in honour of his maternal grandfather.

I don't think "Marvolo" was his mother's maiden name. I think it was his maternal grandfather's first name. If Tom is the Heir of Salazar Slytherin, then it would make sense that the surname on his mother's side was "Slytherin". But then, an heir can be the son or daughter of a son or daughter in British culture. It's not like Chinese where an heir can only be the son of a son. If there are no sons, then there is no heir.

You're kidding me, right? THAT'S the Sword of Gryffindor?!?!?!?! It's a freaking DAGGER. And somehow, I had the impression that it was gold.

Another thing... I've always thought Basilisks were lizard-like creatures with four legs as opposed to a snake/serpents with no legs. Magic: The Gathering anyone? Remember the semi-nasty Lure/Basilisk combo in the Green deck? The drawing of the Basilisk was a four legged lizard thing. Basilisks, in real life (such as the one I saw in the Tropical section at the Vancouver Aquarium), are four legged lizard creatures as well. Do an Image Google for "basilisk" and the real life photos that come up are four legged lizards. I was wondering about that when I was reading the book too.

It just felt like everyone was sprinting around trying to speed-blurt all their lines before the camera cut away from them to the next scene. The whole movie was like a trailer for the book. If they keep up the one movie per book thing, Goblet of Fire is going to really suck. And that would be most unfortunate given the magnitude of the events the fourth book.

I really don't like that CoS focussed so much on The Trio. The Hogwarts' Faculty, the other students and everyone else just faded into the background.

Ginny Weasley is so cute =)

It's interesting that they pronounce "Lucius", LOO-see-us. In Gladiator, the boy was LOO-shus, so I've been reading it as LOO-shus in my mind. Jason Isaacs was okay in the part. I really thought John Malkovic would have been better though... much better suited to the part and, quality-wise, more on par with the rest of the cast.

The Aragog scenes were done well though.

We'll see what Alfonso Cuarón does with Prisoner of Azkaban.

WARNING: The TALKREAD for this post is crawling with spoilers.

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Nov. 24th, 2002 09:21 am (UTC)
More than the first movie, CoS required that you had read the book in order to understand what was going on. A bit of that proverbial double-edged sword in that having read the book, one notices what was left out.

The hilt of the Sword of Gryffindor looked like those plastic ones with the big fake rubies that you may have seen as a child in cheaper stores everywhere. Frightening.

The snake-speaking in the first movie was dubbed nicely in English... this one wasn't. Unfortunate, but I assume that they did that in order to avoid the 5 seconds of explanation that nobody understood what he was saying. Instead there was a 45 second chase-the-spiders bit that was entirely pointless... The entire accusation of Hagrid thing seems pointless in the movie with the way it unfolds...

Trouble with Malkovich is that he isn't acting a part so much as being Malkovich in a costume... I find him a bit spastic in much of his recent work. Lucius wouldn't be a spaz.

The Ron / Hermione gloss-over was odd... they should have just avoided that bit at the end entirely. If you don't introduce the tension, don't end the tension - it makes people curious.

On the whole, the Lord of the Rings books seem to be translating better. Perhaps because it's easier to cut out a whole bunch of songs and descriptions of travelling than editing down the busy lives of teenage wizards.

Nov. 24th, 2002 10:32 am (UTC)
The entire accusation of Hagrid thing seems pointless in the movie with the way it unfolds...

Tom accused Hagrid before. This time around he's trying to pin it on Hagrid again, in doing so, getting accused Dumbledore for keeping Hagrid around. Voldemort needed Dumbledore away from Hogwarts.


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