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weather: sunny
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Why didn't we get a power outage like the rest of Downtown Vancouver? I needed it today.

A co-worker was telling me that traffic lights were dead while he was driving in to work. He went around to everyone telling them to SAVE OFTEN TODAY, especially D who gets so melodramatically distraught - loud moaning/wailing while running around the floor with his hands clutching his head.

We used to get power outages here. We had several brown-outs, all three of them on Thursday afternoons. They were beginning to become our Regular Thursday Afternoons Off.

[Update - 1729h]

There's a reason I don't complain about being bored. In the last hour, Husband Guy developed a tummy ache from his lunch at Milestones so I had to drive him home. Weiner Application crashed while in the midst of running a script... stupid Microsoft.

All is taken care of now. Husband Guy is home and Malox'ed up (I hope, I dunno, I just dropped him off at the door and came back to work). Script has been given a sharp kick in the head and re-run... seems okay now...

I saw a Hummer on the way back. It was LiquiShit Yellow. Who orders cars in that colour?


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