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I'm... busy... yeah. This is what happens when work thinks it drops me big huge things to do. I script them and then go yakking on LJ XD

MIL Woman is back from Taiwan. Among the stuff she brought back for me was a jade 貔貅 (pi2qiu1) charm. It's NOT a "rubber ball" like I know some of you are thinking =D It's kinda like a Kirin - a mythical creature that looks like some kid put a zoo animal back together wrong. The concept is similar to a Hippogriff, head of a w, body of an x, legs of a y, tail of a z, etc.

I've always wanted to get a jade charm of some kind. But I didn't know what to get. I know you're not supposed to get your own zodiac animal because there are different energies in your aura every year and you need the aura of a different animal. It's not good to have the wrong animal near you.

So, I was happy that someone who knew about these things got me something that I could keep on me. I had to consecrate the 貔貅 with Yin Yang water. Run it under cold tap water, then under the boiled water from the hot water boiler/container we have. No one else is supposed to touch it now. If anyone else does touch it, I have to consecrate it again.

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