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The Please-Pronounce-Dr-Seuss'-Name-Correctly Crusade

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Am I the only member of the Please-Pronounce-Dr-Seuss'-Name-Correctly Crusade?

*crickets chirp*

*sigh* Looks like it.

It's German. It rhymes with "Joyce". He pronounced his own name "Zoyce". There is only one way to pronounce a person's name. And that's "exactly the way s/he pronounces it".

It's the ultimate disrespect to insist differently.

Your head goes on a kebab stick if I hear you say "Dr. Soos" in person.

wintersweet gave me the fantastic idea of retorting with "Sigmund Frood". =)

The other one that annoyed me for a while was "Arnold Schwa_zenegger". But I'm not sure about this one anymore. I could have sworn, someone I knew had dinner with him on a trip to LA. He brought back a personalized autographed 8x10 or took a picture of his cement square in front of Graumann's (I can't remember which now). It had only one 'r' which was on the end. I remember it because we joked that "he spelled his own name wrong" for a while. But this picture is the only good one I could find and it looks like there is an 'r' after the 'a'.

Maybe he did spell his own name wrong just that once. I wouldn't put it past him. *shrug* =D

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