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Am I the only member of the Please-Pronounce-Dr-Seuss'-Name-Correctly Crusade?

*crickets chirp*

*sigh* Looks like it.

It's German. It rhymes with "Joyce". He pronounced his own name "Zoyce". There is only one way to pronounce a person's name. And that's "exactly the way s/he pronounces it".

It's the ultimate disrespect to insist differently.

Your head goes on a kebab stick if I hear you say "Dr. Soos" in person.

wintersweet gave me the fantastic idea of retorting with "Sigmund Frood". =)

The other one that annoyed me for a while was "Arnold Schwa_zenegger". But I'm not sure about this one anymore. I could have sworn, someone I knew had dinner with him on a trip to LA. He brought back a personalized autographed 8x10 or took a picture of his cement square in front of Graumann's (I can't remember which now). It had only one 'r' which was on the end. I remember it because we joked that "he spelled his own name wrong" for a while. But this picture is the only good one I could find and it looks like there is an 'r' after the 'a'.

Maybe he did spell his own name wrong just that once. I wouldn't put it past him. *shrug* =D



Dec. 14th, 2002 11:00 am (UTC)
Re: Pronouncing people's names they way they do it
cases where the owner of the name pronounces his own name "wrongly" according to some standard... That sort of thing just makes it more difficult to "do the right thing".

Oh, okay, I completely missed that. But yeah, I know the "Ng" example and yes, the anglicized pronunciation is different - most people here pronounce it "ing". But I still think it's important that you say it the way they want you to say it.

I don't get this worked up over this issue outside of this post =D I mention the Soos/Soyce thing in passing when I hear it, but after that, it doesn't matter.

It's just that I've had more than a few people say to me, "You're the only person who tries to say my name right, thank you." And it's very clear that they appreciate their name pronounced correctly.

It's not just surnames in foreign languages either(!!!) Commander Data is played by Brent Spiner (SPY-ner). People had mangled his name so often he actually had to give a pronunciation lesson in his convention presentation. He said that a lot of people say "spinner" and even put an extra 'n' in there to make it "spinner". =P

Things like that just make me go, "what the hell is wrong with people?!?!"


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