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2002 Year In Review

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... sort of. This doesn't count as a full review because there were a lot of months where just plain nothing happened.

I quit drinking coffee early in the year. I was down to one cup of instant coffee per week in January and I think I went through February not even touching any. Amazing, since we had an extra long winter (with snow in May) and a piping hot something from the company cappucino/latte/espresso machine in the morning would have been very nice.

Early 2002 was spent with a pretty bad case of Blah. Nothing was really wrong, but nothing was really right either. Then, in May, Husband Guy's paternal grandmother passed away from her struggle with cancer.

Life slowly started looking up a bit in July. In August, I started focussing more on things that I'm interested in - Chinese, wedding planning, the human immune system, bel canto and European Opera. I started apple_jade, an all Chinese journal. After chatting with katie_ah, I realized that I don't write enough Chinese and it was because of a lack of trying.

MIL Woman left for Taiwan near the end of September and I spent a really good two months practically living alone with Husband Guy. We cooked and ate healthier. He went to play badminton twice a week and basketball once a week, etc. He lost 30 pounds over October to December.

Most of November was spent being annoyed with the project I was on at work. When I first took this job in September 2001, I swore to myself that I was not going to be frustrated with work. After being laid off and unemployed, I was just thrilled to be working. Period. This project brought me close... =\

MIL Woman came back from Taiwan in December and brought back Chinese novels. I asked for intermediate elementary school level (grade 5-6) books. I also tried to read her Chinese "Harry Potter" novels. I got stuck on the very second character of the book. In my defence, though, it was a proper noun. Proper nouns are always hard when you're not fluent in a language.

As bitterly as I complained and was ready to denounce the entire human race over the infuriating tradition of Giftmas, between Husband Guy and me, we managed to get quasi-meaningful-ish gifts (we hope) for immediate family members.

More importantly, we did our Annual Early Morning Boxing Day Craziness today. We'd get up at 0500h or 0600h and head out to the mall. We used to have to stand in line for hours before the stores open for their insane sales. Lately, all the stores have taken to opening superbly early. Complete with bloodshot, bleary-eyed sales reps and cashiers who can't be counted as conscious by definition. Not that it's any different from any other shopping day.

So there, that was my year. I made it... I think...

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