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Happy New Year, All!

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All the best for 2003!

We went to my MOH's house for a small gathering. It's always a blast from the past for us when she has a party. Husband Guy used to work at the University with MOH Girl and some of the research crew that were her friends. We caught up with a lot of people.

MOH Girl's North American Eskimo, Minnie, is 10 now. She's the same as I remember her, although, she's not quite as afraid of strangers as she used to be. She's still isn't the "clamber for affection from everyone" type (unless it's someone she knows well), but certainly not as fearful and suspicious of everyone as she used to be.

MOH and her family aren't sure why Minnie's like that. She was well socialized as a puppy, she was taken to puppy training classes, walked in parks, with lots of people, etc.

Minnie knows me well. She hops up to lean on my lap on her front paws so I can hug her from my seat. I think because Husband Guy and I smell the same, she loves Husband Guy too (took an instant liking to him the first time she met him, in fact). It's funny when MOH explains her dog's behaviour, "Minnie doesn't go to anyone, but she usually has problems with guy strangers more than girl strangers." And here's Minnie, sitting right in front of my husband, smiling up at him, wagging her tail, begging for a pet and licking his hand - she's always liked licking his hand for some strange reason. =)

Husband Guy is probably the most anti-dog in the entire room. Well, other than Mike, Another Mike®, who was allergic to animal fur/dander. It was funny to watch Minnie trying to garner free affection from The Husband. As soon as he stopped petting her on the head or side of the head, she'd lick his hand. He was so disgusted that he kept petting her to keep her from licking his hand. =D

We didn't stay too long. We've never been ones to party all night. We headed home and were in bed by 2300h last night, just to be woken up again by the neighbours' fireworks at midnight.


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