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Start Counting From    W H A T ? ! ? !

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I'm developing a suite of internal tools using Microsoft's Application APIs through C#. It looks like C++, smells like Java, acts like VB, but has its own soul. It lets me do my thing with the occasional "s'cuse me, Ma'am, my leg is caught in the door". But it's generally Not A Problem®.

There are arrays of item objects in a structure in another object class. No problem. They're only one-dimensional arrays. That really should be no problem (not like the five-dimensional monsters I had to deal with once).

All these arrays start at index one. *dramatic pause*       1... ... ... ONE... ... ...

Who the hell starts counting from one?!?!?!



Jan. 10th, 2003 12:05 pm (UTC)
Hi. My name is Egan.
+ Found you trough a post you made in the mathematics group.
+ I'm from Texas.
+ why I'm here, what exactly is here? livejournal? or here in your journal? I'm on livejournal just because I use it as practice as I write my script for my movie, and I'm in your livejouranl because I read that you do computer programming, and I think that's amazing. As far as livejournal goes, you seem to have more substance then most.
+ I'm a 19 y/o mathematics/computer sci. major in San Antonio, TX. I'm getting my basics out of the way at the community college level. Nothing against the community colleges here, but personally, I find them boring, the people lacking in creativity and/or ambition. I listen to soul, jazz, r&b, and tons of other music genres. My spelling can be atrocious. I'm particular to film and books. I really like films from the 60's and I like a lot of the beat era poets and authors.

If you want to know anything else, just e-mail/aim me. or comment back.

Good luck with your project.
Jan. 10th, 2003 12:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Hi. My name is Egan.
Hi there, nice to meet you =)

what exactly is here?

I guess I meant "here" as in "my journal".

you seem to have more substance then most.

Thanks =)

See you around =)


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