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I've been reading up on Gordon Campbell news for the past little while (charged with drunk driving while on vacation in Maui). Y'know? The guy I gawked at last month? Anyway...

Whenever the media says "The NDP" (as in "The NDP criticizes...", "The NDP says...", "The NDP thinks..."), I have to giggle and retort in my mind, "yeah, both of them" >K} =D =D

BC's New Democratic Party was the former leading party before the Liberals took over. In the last Provincial Election (2001), the NDP won 2 seats out of 79 in the Legislative Assembly.

Now, that's a testament to how much people despise you when the number of seats you win in your level of government can be counted on one hand with a few fingers amputated.

It would be like the Republicans getting only 11 seats out of the 435 seats in Congress... ie. they're deemed so terrible that they're not even allowed their 50 basic seats.


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