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Word of the Day - "williwaw"

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williwaw \WIH-lih-waw\ noun
     1 a : a sudden violent gust of cold land air common along mountainous coasts of high latitudes
     1 b : a sudden violent wind
     2 : a violent commotion

Sample Usage:
     "The williwaw screamed down the mountains like an avalanche of air and slammed into the fishing vessel with enough force to nearly capsize her."

Did You Know?
     "Beware any place where they have a name for the wind." When she gave that advice in The Anchorage Daily News in July 1998, Dr. Jane Kelly was referring to the dangerous winds known as "williwaws" that build up on the windward side of coastal mountains in the Aleutian Islands, then suddenly surge over the top in one great gust. To unsuspecting sailors or pilots, such a wind seems to come out of nowhere—just like the wind's name did some 150 years ago. All anyone knows about the origin of "williwaw" is that it was first used by sailors in the 1840s to name fierce winds in the Strait of Magellan at the southern tip of South America.

I could have sworn that I posted this one. I had severe déjà vu looking at this word.

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