The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Black Thumb Plants

weather: sunny
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mood: amused
I got another Black Thumb Plant =D I like greenery and I like plants, but I have a lot of trouble caring for them. I had spider plants (four at my best - Charlotte, Fern, Avery and Wilbur), but they eventually died on me.

I got Neville Longbottom last September. I'm happy to report that Neville is still alive and well since I got him... I think... it's not like you can really tell with cacti. He lost a needle once, but that's about it. I don't understand what I did that could have been so traumatic that he lost a needle! I watered him when my Outlook reminder told me to, for crying out loud.

Anyway, a co-worker, G, was cleaning out his junque* and giving stuff away. I now have a Chia Pet. He gave me the Hippo one. This should be fun. I was looking at the Buy-Chia-Pets site and I really like the cute Albert Einstein =D

G, got "real" Chia seeds... as opposed to "the crappy stuff that comes with the kit". And supposedly, I can use Basil seeds if I wanted to. That would be fun to try.

I've wanted to get a Chia Pet for a while. I got something similar once, but it was just a nylon sock stuffed with what looked like wood shavings and non-descript grass seeds. It was in the shape of a guy's head and the grass grew straight up giving him a punky do. =)

So, my new guy needs a name, I'm taking suggestions. G's not the type to name his stuff. Another guy at work, D says to call him "Hippy" - he's going to have long hair and he's a "hippo". *roll eyes* =)

What about "Hagrid"? =D

* - high end, Canadian junk.


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