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It's-Been-Too-Long-Since-I've-Done-One Survey

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I got this from messyjessy, but I only answered some of the questions.

1) What is your middle name? - I don't have a middle name. My family doesn't understand the function of a middle name, so none of us have one.

2) If you were going to change your name, what would you make it? - I really like the name "Adelheide" (pr. "addle-laid") from "Heidi" by Johanna Spyri.

4) What are your top three favorite foods?

    1. Duck tongue
    2. Butter Chicken
    3. Hainan Chicken Rice

5) What are your three favorite songs?

6) What kind of car do you drive? - usually, Husband Guy's car, a 1999 black Acura 1.6 EL, "The Knight Ridah". But my car is a 1990 champagne Nissan Maxima Brougham, "Champagne".

7) If electric cars were available in your area, would you buy one? - it would depend on what everyone else says about them and how well it fits my situation.

8) What one thing would you change about the way you look? - I want to be taller. At first, I was torn between wanting Height Points and Pretty Points. Finally, I decided that Pretty Points are easier to increase because pretty is not just looks. But there's a limit to how many Height Points you can add with shoes (you can only really do +3 or +4 Shoes and maybe +1-illusion with clothes). And besides, tall, fugly people are still all over the runways, posters and magazines.

9) If you could have any three wishes in the world, what would they be?

    1. That whenever there's a war, the winning alliance/faction has to pay for all damages, long term recovery, long term financial aid and just everything. This was a wish I remember from when I was very young (7 or so). People are always asking children what they wish for and all the well-trained kids would say "World Peace". I thought that was a total cop-out/chocolate mould answer so I gave a more creative one. I really thought that would prevent wars from even starting, if we made the winner just as much of a loser than the loser. I think the world sorta does work this way, more or less. But wars still happen... =P

    2. All humans go through a manditory reproductive system suppression procedure by the time they are 12. Everyone must have a Parenting License to reproduce. Evading reproductive suppression and having a child without a license would be capital crimes - for both parents and the child. Getting a Parenting License would be like getting a driver's license - you have to take classes, take exams, do practicums, do volunteer work that involves children of all ages, etc. Then, and only then, are you granted the privilege of being able to have your own offspring.

    3. That I would always have exact change.

10) What was the title of last book you read? - Chinese Fairy Tales & Fantasies.

11) Have you ever lied to someone just to spare their feelings? - Yes. Although, this behaviour is on the decline. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. As I get older, there are certain situations that I no longer have patience for.

12) What is the most exotic food you've ever tasted? - I'm Chinese, there isn't much I consider "exotic food". I've had snake meat, emu, racoon, eel, I think I've had horse too, soup with 24k gold flakes in it... it all tasted like food. I've tried snake gonad in rice wine. Is that exotic?

13) How many countries have you visited? - 3: China (including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, HK and Taiwan), Japan, USA.

14) How many of the 50 US states have you visited? - 6: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Maryland, Florida. If you count airport stop-overs, I've also been to Illinois (Chicago-O'Hare), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth) and Arizona (Phoenix).

15) How many men/women have you had sex with? - one man.

16) What is your favorite beer? - The Yaletown Brewing Company's Nut Brown or Black Widow. I used to go drinking with The Guyz (coworkers) on Friday evenings after work. I could keep up with the best of them. That's hugely amazing for my size and Asian-ness =D But I don't drink anymore. I may pick up drinking again when I can afford it.

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