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Everything To Do With Sex Show

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I went to The Everything To Do With Sex Show this afternoon with Buddy-Girl-K and Husband Guy. We were supposed to go with a whole group of people, but one of them got called into work for an emergency shift, so a lot of the others bailed too.

We were pretty disappointed with it. Buddy-Girl-K says it was much better last year at the Plaza of Nations. The main stage had stuff going on the whole time last year, but here were big long pauses with nothing happening today. And there were more vendors with appropriate merchandise last year. This year, there were a lot of fortune tellers, a fad diet vendor, cell phone radiation reduction patch vendor, tattoo places, nail art, makeup vendors, travel agents and things like that with a really lame or no tie-in to sex at all.

And the sex paraphernalia that was there was boring. Dildos, dildos, dildos of all sizes - "large", "extra large" and "Oh-My-God-Get-That-Thing-Away-From-Me". They had realistic ones complete with veins and pubic hair, plain plastic bullet ones, vibrators of all kinds, glass dildos, all types of textured ones, blow up dolls. There were lollipops, ice cube trays, gummy candy in the shapes of penises, breasts, etc.

*yawn* Nothing I haven't seen before.

Oh, and Ron Jeremy, The Hedgehog, was there chatting with people, taking pictures and signing autographs.


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