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I just finished watching Fox's "Bridezillas", it airs a little later for us on the West coast. Holy shit. I have a new appreciation for just how damned well smoothly our wedding went. Compared to that, our wedding just kinda organized itself for us.

Probably my biggest smug moment is that I spent less energy on three gowns (four, if I had wanted to wear the fourth silver one) than those eight women spent on ONE. =D Two out of my three wedding gowns found me and fit perfectly from head to toe the very first time I tried them both on. In the same store. On the same day. And I had absolutely no problems with my custom made QiPao. The silver one was just a backup =)

I have a renewed appreciation for my husband's tastes which are muchmuchmuch higher than "let's ring Farmer Hogget's big dinner triangle for the reception, like I saw on Four Weddings and a Funeral". *BOGGLE*

There was only one blonde "Princess" type (and she was veryveryvery Princess). None of them were very glam. There was an African American woman, an Asian woman and Caucasian women of different ancestral backgrounds. In that respect, they were very realistic cross-section.

They were all PR, Advertising, Executives and people like that who are just naturally quite Type A to begin with. And on top of that, they were all older brides (26+). They're in that age range where they would have been conditioned into thinking that nothing less than the big hullabaloo wedding will do.

They also struck me as the type that are slightly weaker in the love and relationships aspect of their lives, in general. I can imagine that they've been the ones that were harassed and ribbed by their families about being that age and not married yet. Or it's the second time around for them, eloped the first time. Or whatever it is, they feel they have something to prove. So now that they're getting married, everything is laced with this "it must be perfect; I must show everyone" attitude.

I think at the very heart of it, Bridezilla-ism is a self-esteem problem.

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