The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Husband Guy's Office Move

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=( =( =( Husband Guy's company is moving out of Yaletown. They'll still be in Downtown Vancouver, but just closer to the Waterfront area. They're going to be near the Price Waterhouse building. That's a fair huff from where I am.

*sigh* We'll still carpool. It's hella cheaper to park where we are now than where he's going to be. The plan is that on sunny days, he'll park the car and walk to work, then walk back here when we leave. On rainy days, I drop him off in front of his office and then park, then pick him up after work.

We won't be able to have lunch together anymore. =( Or it won't be as easy. Or... I dunno. Maybe I'll just take a longer lunch, buy the $3.99 foot-long sub and walk down to where he is. Yeah! =)

I'm so spoiled. So many people work in different cities than their spouses, have to drive separate cars, and don't see much of each other... And here I am, whining that we can't just run downstairs together to grab a soup/sandwich/salad.

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