The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Dianna's & Michael's Wedding

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[1630h] - I'm watching the Live Wedding Cam at this chapel in Las Vegas. diannadinoble and mcbloom are getting married today, very soon. They said 5pm PST, so that means they're probably in the Lincoln Super Stretch Limo on their way over to the chapel right now. This would be the limo that emphatically smells like LEATHER, NOT like smoke or vomit and promises that you'll leave smelling the same way as before.

[1640h] - I'm watching this couple right now and I didn't think it's them. I was like "that's so not Dianna" =D I think the lady's name was "Joyce"... They're just finishing up and dancing now... =)

[1652h] - Joyce et al. are just doing photography right now. Dianna and Michael are probably in the back room doing paperwork. =) YEEE!! This is so exciting!!! =D

[1655h] - Gyaaaaar... how many pictures do these people need?!?! Two of every single permutation of bride, groom, parents (an extra one of each pose where everyone is pointing at the camera á là Elvis). *harumph* HURRY UP!!! IT'S MY FRIENDS' TURN!!! =P

[1656h] - OOO!!! OOO!!! OOO!!! I think that's Michael!!! Or that's the back of Michael's head, anyway... long hair in a ponytail, yeah? And the back of his head is very cute.

[1701h] - Hmm... where'd he go? He disappeared off the cam.

[1701h] - EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! THERE'S DIANNA!!!!! HI DIANNA!!! =D The wedding coordinator is just explaining stuff to her... where to walk, where Michael is going to be, how things will work, etc. *keehee*

[1703h] - Oh, okay SSSHHH!! Here we go...

[1704h] - "Am I on live cam right now?" asks Michael =) And the guys pointed out the cam to him, he turns around to look... at that moment, I waved =D

[1706h] - Okay, they're really starting... Dianna's walking in. SSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!

[1711h] - Aaaawww... that was a cute ceremony =) They promised to be each other's Hound Dawgs, to never leave their Blue Suede Shoes out in the rain, and to always be each other's Hunka Hunka Burnin' Looove. Bwahahaha =D =D =D They turned to the cam and waved. *WAVEWAVEWAVE* back atcha guys!!! =D They're doing their first dance, boogying to "Viva Las Vegas" now =)

*singing on Elvis' cue* ¯ ¯ "VIVAAAAAAAAAAAA LAS VEEEGAAAS" ¯ ¯

[1717h] - They're back for pictures *snap* *snap* *snappity* *snap* =D

[1720h] - And they're gone =)


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