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Bourne Identity

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I saw The Bourne Identity Saturday evening and I thought it was lame enough that it didn't merit a review. But I feel like writing and I haven't felt like writing in a while...

As a covert ops flick, it fell flat. I'm not too crazy about Franka Potente. I noticed that the coolest scenes (not that that means much in this movie) happened when she wasn't around - in the US Embassy and after Jason pawned her off on Eamon.

About the only time I felt even remotely "thrilled" was when he was monkeying around outside on the Embassy walls because he was too stupid to carry the bag diagonally across his body so that there was no danger of it slipping off. It's obviously hideously important stuff he's carrying, multiple passports in different names and different countries, a shitload of cash, etc. It's important enough that he's carrying it in a bright honking red bag while on the lam. But it wasn't because it was a thrilling scene. It's just that I'm quite acrophobic and even watching while the camera looks down gives me a twinge in the tummy.

The character Marie Kreutz made it boring. Jason lost a lot of IQ points after hooking up with her. I've seen men become blithering stupid around a girl before, which in and of itself, is nothing new. I had an MPhil. in Applied Mathematics from Waterloo, unquestionably an intelligent guy, offer me tap water when the Brita was right on the counter, next to the sink. But still, you'd think that someone who has amnesia, who wakes up and discovers the incredible strategic knowledge, über combat abilities, is multi-lingual, has heightened awareness of everything, etc. would be way too scared shitless to be that friendly with anyone, girlie or not.

Operation Hotel-Bill-Reconnaissance (a.k.a Alls She Hadda Do Was Ask) didn't feel as ingeniously simple as it was meant to be because the rest of the action was so *meh*.

There was no chemistry between Jason and Marie. Yeah, they stared at each other a lot and you just know that means they're going to get it on, but honestly, I felt nothing. I didn't think Jason even liked or trusted her at one point when they were in his apartment in Paris. That was one of the few moments that Jason felt real.

I kept expecting Nikki (Nicolette) to do something. Something big. But that never happened and it was disappointing. =P

Matt Damon is cute stuff though =)

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