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*teeth chattering*

weather: mostly clear
outside: 3°C
mood: brrrr...
*pppffftt* So, who gave permission for it to be winter again? I had to flip on the seat warmers in the car tonight driving home.

I have a new snack fad for myself. Shreddies mixed in strawberry yoghurt. I love Shreddies. But I don't eat cereal because of my gag reaction to the smell of milk. Husband Guy put them together the other day and I stole some. Now I'm hogging up his strawberry yoghurt =D

I think it's 3 points (Weight Watchers). 1 cup of regular yoghurt looks like 3 points. 1 cup of dry cereal is 3 points. I put half a cup of each in a bowl.

The Reverse Weight Watchers thing has been interesting for me in the last little while. I'm in that stage of discovery where I'm finding out all the point values of different things. I have a point range of 22 - 27 points a day, but I try to stay near 27. So far, it's been okay. It's easy because Chinese food is hellaciously high in points, otherwise I'd be so toast. =P Today, my lunch came out to absolute 0, zero, de nada, zilcho, bupkiss points. This is what I get for snorting Rabbit Food.



Feb. 5th, 2003 11:50 pm (UTC)
Nope. =D I just one day worked up the courage to ask =)

incognita was wonderful about helping me out. She said that we can basically do the "Maintenance" stage of the program. Look up your weight in the chart she posted, and look at the point range. You add 4 to both the numbers that that's the point range you should be staying within per day.

I wouldn't worry about banking and other stuff. And if you go over the upper limit, no worries there either =) There's a bit about adding more points if you're exercising that I need to read/ask about again...

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone has a lot of foods and their points values. This is a good starting point.

If I can't find the food item there, I resort to a Google search for +"Weight Watchers" +"points" +"[insert food item here]" Half the time, Google finds exactly the point value I want. Most of the time, I can find a non-fat, low-fat or reduced fat version of what I want and I just double the points if it's small or add a few points, then resolve to ask incognita or something =)

I'm not too comfortable with posting points questions to ww_users, just because a) I know it's gotta be out there and b) I'm not sure I should be rubbing it in everyone's face that I'm not trying to lose weight and c) scamming info on something that everyone else pays for... =P

I don't follow the points very strictly. I'm using it as a guideline for generally choosing good food to eat and eating enough in a day.


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