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I've decided that I'm walking down the aisle to the "Congratulations!" tune from "Ah! My Goddess". This was an idea that I had in the back of my mind for years now, but I wasn't sure what W would think. But when I suggested it, he liked the idea too. =)

I might ask the organist to play it because it's only half of the CD track and I don't like how it blends into the second half. But I like the glockenspiel in the CD track... =P

The first section is 1':35" long, so that should be ample time for my walk... it should be enough time for a flower girl and the bridesmaids as well as me.

I really like the Ah! My Godess soundtrack because the story is about a marriage. In particular:

  • Track 1 - My Heart, Your Heart (good march song)
  • Track 9 - is hilarious; guys singing out of tune (this would be good for the garter toss)

I have Kiri Te Kanawa's "Ave Maria". I think it would be good for the Recessional.

I'm a big Kiri Fan. She's one of the few women in the history of humankind who can be considered a true Diva.

Quietude, Spring Rain, Celtic Harp, Celtic Guitar CDs that would be good for background music and/or Processional.



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