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Work Über-ness

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Work is great. I love Work.

We have new a Canon copy/printer/fax/scanner machine. It's so fantasmically cool. I can type up a fax document in Word, for example, and then go "Print". When I'm in the Print dialogue, I pick the Canon, enter a phone number and it will FAX MY DOC FOR ME!!! It can also e-mail me my fax document as a TIFF image. We also have our company docs on that machine so you can go up to it, navigate the menus and get a printout of a medical coverage form or something. It's so skookum. =)

My C# one is shipping tomorrow, so I may as well be usurped now... I'll be working on a set of three projects that kinda overlap. I have more to do with two of them and not so much the third, but the codenames are so cool, it doesn't matter =)

These projects use CVS*!!!!!!!! *SCREEEEEEE* You have no idea how incredibly happy I was to be setting up my .bashrc and .vimrc again!!! I've already stubbed my toe on it, I haven't been around a UNIX commandline much. I had the default vanilla .bashrc restored once =\

But all is well. =D

[Update - 1816h]

So, my .bashrc is smilin'. It was fine moments after my original post, I'd just been spending most of the afternoon futzing around with WinCVS.

For a moment, I thought I'd actually have to use WinCVS which would have sucked. I have this Unfounded Neurotic Fear™ of WinCVS. I'm so afraid that I might have a setting in an obscure config panel set to the wrong thing, I do something totally harmless, like

% cvs -n update

and it blasts the whole project. =O =O =O But it's okay because I can ssh to the Linux box, run the commands and scp stuff here and there. Weeee!! =)

* - Concurrent Versions System, not the online pharmacy... =)


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Feb. 11th, 2003 04:34 am (UTC)
Sounds too complicated for me, but I'm glad you're having fun! Have another good day at work!
Feb. 11th, 2003 12:29 pm (UTC)
Well of course CVS is the Concurrent Versions System; what else? =^_^=
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