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Husband Guy had to work two weekends in a row, so to make it up to me, we went to see a movie on a non-movie night.

Did I like it? Or did I not like it? Eeehhh, not sure... It's Jackie Chan. How can you not like Jackie Chan? I did laugh out loud at a lot of things - the sitting horse (I've never seen a horse do that!), the lemons, Singing in the Rain/Mary Poppins fight, the pillow fight and others. And I thought Queen Victoria looked rather familiar, it's Gemma Jones/Madame Pomfrey! =)

But I agree with what ntang said was just way too overloaded with pulp references of the time. It's very Forrest Gumpie. It wouldn't have been that bad if more of the references were clever sight references, like the Singing in the Rain fight, but most of them were dialogue which made it dumb. Jeezus, Roy, shut up with the Led Zeppelin thing already!!

A lot of my annoyance, though, has to do with the lack of attention paid to the Chinese stuff. It started with Shanghai Noon. You would think that Jackie Chan would know better than to refer to a Qing Dynasty princess as a "公主" (gong1 zhu3) - this one really gets me for some reason. Coupled with the fact that I think Lucy Liu's eyes are totally abnormal. Those are so not Chinese eyes. She _is_ Chinese, but those eyes border on deformity.

You would think he knows better than to have Lin traipsing around in the Forbidden City without the headdress and in a dress that has her big ass feet sticking out.

The Chinese don't care for diamond, anything that's as important to them as the Emperor's seal would be in jade.

And you'd have to be a pretty big moron to not be able to do a Magic Squares puzzle.

Artie didn't get nearly enough screen time to de-juice things =)

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