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notnormalikeyou* made a LiveJournal Toolbar that sits in your taskbar and can do funky things. It opens up IE and ignores your browser defaults because a toolbar is really an eeny-weeny IE window, so it's like shift-clicking a link.

It's very cool, but I have no use for it. Mainly because that's not the way I do things. I also use a double-height taskbar, so it makes the LJ Toolbar look all buttwhack and annoying. And IE opening up by itself really frosts me.

I started using the double-height back before Mozilla's tabbed browsing. I'd have little slivers all across the taskbar. See those two Mozilla windows? There are more than 10 webpages open in each of them.

As bananas (or not?) as my taskbar looks, this is my home machine. I'm much much worse at work. Something in the Mozilla core crashes my machine at work, so I'm stuck with IE... no tabbed browsing so there are 5 bajillion windows where one should have done fine.

* - dunno'bout you, but I'm not "Norma" either... XD


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