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Your Taskbar

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Y'know, I just had an interesting thought.

Everybody post a screencap of what your taskbar or dock looks like in the middle of a typical day =)

If you have nowhere to host it, e-mail it to me and I'll stick it up for you. I think it can be very telling as to what you're like.

Here's me at home. I'll have to do my work one on Monday.

[Update - February 24, 2003, 2138h]

Here's me at work. =P I so seriously need virtual desktops... but I'm afraid it might crash my finicky machine. This is two and a half projects' worth of stuff happening. I have scripts running over on remote machines; I have a set of test results I'm looking at (that bunch of browsers on the bottom level); I'm taking a screenshot to show one of the guys something and an e-mail composition ready to send him that screenshot; I'm poking around in two MySQL databases...

Oh, I also have a Mac! I need to do Splat-Shift-4-CapsLock when I get to work tomorrow.

[Update - February 25, 2003, 1048h]

Here's me on my Mac at work. It's 1 cm high at 1024x768 resolution. I can only have my display up to 1024x768 because of the crappy video card. The dock size is pushed as small as it will go and I have Magnification turned off. I obviously don't use the Mac very much. And when I do, all I do is open up Terminal shells unless I need the applications.



Feb. 23rd, 2003 09:41 pm (UTC)
OK, here's a typical one from home... mail, file explorer, Opera (with a bunch of tabs), and three news readers (Perl mailing lists, SpamCop, and general Usenet):

Start | QuickLaunch bar | Pegasus Mail | Servant Salamander | Opera | Agent for Perl | Agent for Spamcop | Agent | System tray

I'll post some from work as well later if I think of it (I have multiple desktops there).
Feb. 23rd, 2003 09:47 pm (UTC)
Interesting... do you get out of sorts when the order of the first few things are off? =)

I have mine just about the same way. E-mail always comes first, then a browser or two, then other apps =)

And that's exactly why I have the double-height bar... because otherwise, my system tray would stretch all the way to my start button =D
Feb. 24th, 2003 12:48 am (UTC)
Heh :) No, not really... it's more a function of the order in which I open my email programs. First mail, then Pageant (PuTTY's SSH key agent), then browser. When I'm done with that, then newsreader. Sometimes news comes before browsing. I don't do much more at home.

At work, the taskbar keeps getting re-sorted because when I switch virtual desktops, it usually shuffles the icons around so I can't rely on "the third terminal window from the left is currently in directory /foo". It's not that bad, though.
Feb. 24th, 2003 12:49 am (UTC)
my work desktops
OK, and here's the work bars. I use Desktop Twister to give me multiple desktops.

This came from the time when I used Netscape 4 as my primary browser and had multiple windows open ... someone saw my taskbar and recommended DT to me :)

Now I use Opera, which has all of its tabs in one window, but I've got used to it now... I instinctively press Alt+1 to get to my email desktop and Alt+2 to get to my browser desktop (sometimes I even press Alt+1 at home when I want to send email :P).

Desktop 1 (called "Basis"; mostly it only has Outlook and possibly some open emails; recently it's also acquired an SSH window):

[Start button | Microsoft Outlook | snit.ch - PuTTY | System tray]

In the system tray, you can also see icons for Pegasus Mail and mIRC, which are minimised most of the time. Every now and then I open them to see whether anything interesting has happened (though Pegasus also notifies me of new mail on the account it watches by flapping its wings; it's mostly for London Perl Mongers and Lojban Beginners mailing lists).

Desktop 2 (called "Browser", where I keep my browser, a file explorer and often a couple of viewers on Lojban vocab files to translate things on the lojban mailing list):

[Start button | Viewer | Servant Salamander | Viewer | Opera | Pegasus Mail | mIRC | System tray]

Here you can see Pegasus and mIRC on the taskbar.

Desktop 3 (called "Botanix", from the name of the host I used to work one):

[Start button | Exceed | PuTTY | PuTTY | PuTTY | gvim | gvim | gvim | PuTTY | Servant Salamander | gvim | System tray]

I now work on a different project on a different box, so the "botanix" is a misnomer, but I haven't bothered renaming the virtual desktop. This desktop usually has a couple of terminal windows and often a bunch of editor windows (gvim over an X Window connection; hence the Exceed icon in the taskbar, which is the X server).

Desktop 4 (called "Hintergrund", i.e. "background" -- a kind of overflow desktop for when I want to open a program or two that doesn't take up screen and taskbar space on an existing desktop):

[Start button | System tray]

It's nearly always empty. Desktop 5 is empty even more of the time, but I keep around 5 desktops "just in case".
Feb. 24th, 2003 09:41 am (UTC)
Re: my work desktops
Re: Desktop Twister

Ooo... That might be an idea for me too. Thanks! =)


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