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Back to Taiwan

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Grandpa is headed back to Taiwan by himself today. MIL-Woman is meeting him at TPE and accompanying him home.

I'm worried, but I have a feeling it's going to be okay. I'm getting the feeling that the family just gives Grandpa less credit than he deserves. Well, we'll see...

Just before he left, I told him that I had been in contact with the BC Weightlifting Association President about some events that will be in Vancouver. The Canadian Championships will be in May and the World/Olympic Qualifications will be in November.

The BCWA Prez has competed internationally and when I mentioned Grandpa's name, he says he recognizes the name and would be thrilled to meet Grandpa again. =) Weightlifting is apparently a fairly small community...

Grandpa wasn't planning on returning to Vancouver for the rest of this year, but when I told him about that, he said, "hmmm... I'll see then..."

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