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Husband Guy and I want to make a PC game together. We've been talking about it for, oh... 8 years now. There's just very little motivation to do it because it's a personal project. Between work and life, this game just keeps falling off the radar.

Every so often, there's renewed hope and enthusiasm for actually doing it. A new technology comes out that we talk about using, a skookum multimedia engine that we talk about incorporating. The latest thing is SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer. And I have to say it looks pretty cool.

So, then within 30 seconds of deciding to use the SDL libraries, we were back to one of the biggest obstacles we're facing. What kind of game should we make? Anyone who knows me, knows that I have nothing but weddings on my mind:

Me: A wedding game!

Him: Sure. So what genre would that be?

Me: ... First Person Shooter.

*cue laughtrack* >KD

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