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Nine Thousand Questions

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No, I don't have anything better to do.

Ask me something... anything.

Oh yeah, please specify if you want me to answer privately. =)

What's your name?

HAHA! *wink* =) I had to be ExtraSneaky™ to e-mail it to you =D

Do you think you are as smart as you appear to be?

I'm not entirely certain how smart I appear =) But I do believe it's easier to be misleading with an online personality. I'm not intentionally dishonest with anything I say here - I think I'm just being me - but just from the fact that it's not a direct, realtime interaction, any speculation as to my Intelligence and Wisdom Points might not be accurate.

Did you have a pet while you were growing up? What was it's [sic] name?

I grew up in a completely animal-less household (well, besides the humans, that is). I'm generally not an animal person. When I was 22, I bought a Beta fish named "Indiglo". He was metallic blue and burgundy.

I am Fairy Godmother to my friends' pets: MOH Girl's Minnie (North American Eskimo), My Flower Lady's Tigger (orange tabby) and Portcellana (tortie), Buddy-Girl-K's Taz (black cat w/ white "socks"), Boss-Friend's Ginger (ginger Lhasa Apso). =)

Oh, and there is currently a Psychotic Little Tone-Deaf Troll in our family.

What are the smallest and largest computers you've ever used? What operating systems were they running?

Huh, good one... =)

Smallest: Size-wise, it's a toss-up between a Compaq IPaq running Windows CE and a Japanese PocketCosmo running the Elate operating system. Power-wise, a 386-DX25 (with Turbo on) running DOS 5 with a 40Meg harddrive. XD We had Windows 3.0 on it, but it didn't exactly run Windows... it walked Windows, it crawled Windows maybe, but it didn't exactly run Windoes. =D

Largest: I just missed the mainframe era, so I didn't get to actually use anything that large, so unless we count my stove/oven, my refrigerator, my car, or the nifty business (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris servers) in the server rooms that I'm never allowed in =), the largest computer I've used had a 19" towercase and a 21" monitor...

How did you become so interested in weddings? :)

I've always loved Event Planning and Event Coordination. It all started in University when I got involved in the department's student council. I lead the organizing team in planning the first Computing Career Fair. Since that, I did it the next year, I was on the committee that organized a conference, I became an Executive of the volunteer organization that I was with. And then when it came time to do my wedding, I just ran with it =)

When are you and husband guy having kids?

Not sure. If it was meant to happen, it'll happen =)

Do you ever hate growing up in such a tradition and family oriented culture?

I make the best of what I have. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it's because of the bullshit over there. =) But, yes, there are times when I get envious seeing how my peers are so free and happy, able to do what they want, what's right for them, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Then, there are times when I think North American society breeds incredibly spoiled, self-centered brats and I'm glad I'm much more disciplined. It makes me feel like a stronger person =)

Where in Harbin can I find Indian food?

I haven't the foggiest... =} I betcha katie_ah would know =)

Have you always lived in the same city? Have you ever wanted to live somewhere else?

I lived in Guangzhou, China from birth to 2 years. Then we came to Vancouver, BC and we've always lived here.

I'd thought about moving to Ontario once and the US once or twice seriously. I was accepted to the University of Waterloo, but I declined and withdrew my application (I sometimes still regret this very much). Then, the two other times because of job offers - one in California and one in Denver, Colorado (I was offered a position on the XML team at Quark back in 1998 and I almost took it).

I'd also toyed with the idea of working for Microsoft. I certainly did have the ins to get an interview at the very least and I would probably have had a place to stay with friends in Bothell, but that never happened because of my anti-Microsoft-ness. =)

There was a time I had a close professional relationship with the Arthur Andersen Consulting Western Regional HR Director as well - tiny, but ferocious lady, Nadia, who was always looking crisp and brand new. Somehow, I was one of the few people whose head she didn't chew off for one reason or another =) If I pursued that, it could have taken me anywhere and everywhere.

In the end, I stayed in Vancouver.

Do you feel Chinese or Canadian? Or either, depending on the situation? (Or both at the same time?)

Overall I feel like both. I've done the best I can at being both, amalgamated the two cultures and just chosen one over the other where they're incommensurable. In individual situations, sometimes I feel more Chinese than Canadian, sometimes I feel more Canadian than Chinese.

Is there anything about your life that you wish you could change?

Lots. Lots and lots. I wish I were smarter. I wish I were taller. I wish I had more business and financial sense. I wish I were more knowledgeable in politics. I wish I were a beautiful, classy lady. I wish I were the mastermind behind something internationally important, but, for the most part, remaining out of the public eye. I wish I didn't have to worry about money. I wish I could take care of my parents in their retirement. I wish I could eat rice with a fork. I wish I knew more about Western Etiquette - I want to learn the rules so that I can see how to break them... I could go on.

Do you have any advice on how to learn to accept your new in-laws? (or soon-to-be-in-laws)

Not really... sorry. I'm muddling through it too and I'm not the best at it either. At the heart of it is understanding human behaviour, I think. You can't change anyone else, the only thing you can change is yourself. Live well, be the best that you can be, stand firm, but be polite and remember, it's not personal. It rarely is.

As a follow up to your response [up there], what was it that made you decide to stay in Vancouver?

My husband.

We started going steady in December 1991, at 16/17. By the first quarter 1992, we were very much in love and when the letter came from Waterloo, I didn't want to go. I truly thought that no other guy would ever love me, so I decided to stay with him no matter what. Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if I'd just went and tried the long distance relationship. I know so many people who have done the LD thing successfully. But, I guess we'll never know =}

In a sense, he and I have been husband and wife, emotionally since 1991. I've never been single in my adult life. I also didn't want a job that involved a whole lot of travelling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Uncertain. The world is uncertain right now, so no sudden moves. Career-wise, I hope to be a Senior Engineer in five years... and from the way that's going, that really shouldn't be a problem. Every single project at work is different so I'm not afraid of being stuck in a rut here. I'd maybe like to try something a little more entrepreneurial though - like maybe becoming a partner in my company or doing something different altogether.

How did you become so intelligent? Does this involve diet and exercise? If yes, please explain to us :)

Shreddies. Eat lots of Shreddies. =)

It's kinda sad, I started out wanting to be intelligent at 5 or 6 because I didn't want to be like the other girls in my class. Sure, they were pretty, popular and all the guys liked them, but they were idiots. So, I wanted to be smart, even if that meant being ugly and having no friends. 'Course, I'm still ugly and don't have many friends... and Galois' theorem on the possibility of solving polynomial equations by radicals pretty much escapes me entirely...

[Update - 2122h]

*erm* ... And to all you anonymous people who are reading my journal without saying anything: hello =} Do you all have a notification on my page or something? I notice you every time I post something new... Drop me a line if you want: bride at livejournal dot com. =)

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