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Work Sitch

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*sigh* I haven't been writing much here, sorry. I have a gloomy thing and a happier thing to say today. I'll start with the gloomy thing first.

There's talk of Work not doing too well. Which means layoffs might be an option. It's likely the same everywhere. So, *yawn* no surprise, really.

It's not Impending Doom™ just yet. But the threat is there. People just aren't interested in software in unstable times. And because the economic instability after Sep. 11 lasted over a year, the big software places completely overhauled their strategies. They now outsource to India.

The Business Development aspect of our company has been stronger than ever. It's not even fair to call the Business Dev. Guys "Half Geeks" because they have very impressive geeking ability, writing their own tools and small bits of software, a lot of tracking, reporting and analysis stuff. And there has been movement on new contracts.

It sounds like one of the company partners, who is known to be a worrier and a bit of a "canary in a minefield"*, was just trying to let everyone know about the current situation in the company status meeting and a lot of staff took it as big red alarm bells. One of the Business Dev. Guys actually took offence and said that he'd been drumming up a lot of interest and there were things happening. Ruffled feathers were smoothed, so all is well.

All the same, I went to my Kinda-Boss-ish-Like-Person and said that I could offer to take a pay cut if it would help get the company through hard times. I'd rather be making less, but still employed. I guess it's partially a pride thing. I could get away with not telling anyone I took a pay cut, but it's harder to fake going to work every day. I tried it the last time I was laid off from RS... it's not easy.

Apparently, I was about the third or fourth person who had individually approached him about the same thing... =\ And he had the same thoughts himself. That's the level of dedication in this company. So, he's definitely going to go to the partners with that and see if we can't cut back in other ways rather than layoffs.

I've also been thinking about what I would do if I were laid off again. I'm not entirely sure I want another tech job. I mean, yeah, software development is my life, that's what my degree is in, this is where I know I belong. But I'm not going to get anywhere with this career if I keep getting laid off and my resumé has all these 1-2 year positions with nothing long term.

I may try to start something different, either part-time on top of this job or contract work and see what comes of it. I certainly have interests and strengths in other areas. I know I said, "no sudden moves" and it's still not a complete 180, but I think the time is right to try another path.

* — I mean no disrespect. I just thought that was the cutest quote =D


Mar. 19th, 2003 01:58 pm (UTC)
I had seriously considered that. But the thing is, I think Wedding Coordinator services should be free. So how can I charge other people for something I don't believe in paying for?

Supposedly, a WC will save you a lot of money by getting you discounts. They say that a good WC will save you way more than the couple of thousand dollars that they're charging you, but I don't believe that. There's no proving it... in my mind, at least.

Although, I do have ideas on a different spin on this. It's something that I love doing, so I would definitely want to make sure I think about this more =)
Mar. 19th, 2003 04:25 pm (UTC)
I think the bride/couple is paying for convenience and peace of mind. I'd get one if I was getting married. But then again, I might have the wrong idea in my head of what WCs do. I'd rather be presented with ideas & prices than having to go and do all the research myself. But then again, that might also be part of the fun in planning a wedding.
Mar. 19th, 2003 04:44 pm (UTC)
I'd rather be presented with ideas & prices than having to go and do all the research myself.

Sure, that kind of thing makes everyone's lives easier, I agree. But, the internet is a wonderful thing. weddingplans is also a wonderfulwonderful thing too =)

Honestly, I'm not sure what WCs do either. I do know that several people I've talked to who have used WCs said they did absolutely nothing or they didn't notice a huge savings from their friends' self-coordinated weddings (mine, for example). The bride, groom, families and friends ended up having to do tons of stuff and get stressed out anyway.

This one girl I know who paid $3,000+ for her WC, wound up with a $1,500 designer name dress that I saw in a boutique for $300 and a $1,000+ cake that was smaller and plainer-looking than my $200 7-tiered cake. She spent a lot more for her wedding than I did and from her photos, it didn't look all that different than mine (granted, that might not be a fair judgment though).

Also, at the end of the day, you as the bride will still have to go and look at stuff to see what you like, if it's the right shade of periwinkle, if your dress fits, if you like the taste of that cake, etc.

I'm not sure there really is a point to Wedding Coordinators.


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