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I haven't written about our Psychotic Little Rat With Feathers in a while =)

I think he's fully grown now. His personality is certainly set - he's crusty, yet insecure; brazen, yet a big wussball. Here's a little clip of him (4M; 16s) playing one of his favorite games - he's jangling keys and singing. He was doing this for a good 5 minutes.

What he's trying to sing is "This Old Man". He has the "This old man / He plays one" part down pat, but the rest of it is a mess. It sounds like he's tone deaf. We think he was a lousy jazz pianist ("keys", get it?) in a divey lounge in his past life. =D

He also does this warbling sound. We couldn't figure out what it was at first. We thought it was to get sympathy because it sounded a bit sad-ish. But I was within earshot of his cage once and someone's cell phone rang. He warbled after every ring. He was trying to be a cell phone, it was the funniest thing =D

Tags: guai-guai

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