The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

End-of-Project Lunch — Elixir

weather: sunny/cloudy
outside: 10°C
mood: stuffed
This is the restaurant at the new Opus Hotel in Yaletown. It's a French style pub/bar restaurant. The menus are almost entirely in French with English subtitles. I quite liked that =)

The booth seats are brownish red poofy seats with the brass bar over top. The floors are done in parquet tile. It's very nicely decorated.

Their washrooms were a bit strange though. They have this ... plexiglass ... clear plexiglass wall dividing the men's and the women's washrooms. There are two very sheer curtains hanging over the plexiglass wall. At first, I thought it was a mirror because the rooms and fixtures are mirrored. Then I did a double-take when I saw urinals!!

*cough* Gentlemen, when you're facing the urinal at the Elixir, you might want to make an eighth to a quarter turn to your right before peeing. Those crazy French and their exhibitionism... =D

I had a canard confit quiche (duck). It was a gigantic 4-5" quiche with salad. And wow, I can't imagine how much butter they must've put into the crust mix. That was one amazingly flaky and tasty quiche.

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