The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Pom-Poms Etc.

I got 150 pink and white pom-pom flowers for the limo today. We also saw some really cute basket things that we could use for the party favours, but they were really expensive. My goal is to only spend around $1.00 each for the party favours because we'll have 250-300 of them, so that's quite a hefty chunk right there.

W's Grandparents were hanging out at the mall with Uncle Tony and Aunt Rosa while we ran around. W had to bring the waffle cone machine home because the mall staff said they didn't want all this unused crap in their storage rooms. They have a cockroach problem. While they were moving the waffle cone machine, Mabel and I went to the Chinese Book Store and Sweet Home.

I was lamenting again about how I liked stuff at Sweet Home and places like that more than The Bay. Once I get our Linux box, Heretic, up and running with Apache, PHP and MySQL, I can offer to manage a customized, online Gift Registry to friends. =)


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